Is this the Coen brothers’ most underrated movie?

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What dooms noir protagonists is desire. They desire money, they desire love.

Their relation is one of genuine friendship, but Ed himself has no idea that his intentions are also amorous.

In this silver-gray film noir world, Ed at first seems as substantial as a shadow or the smoke from his unfiltered cigarettes. Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man. Barton Fink , A Serious Man , and Inside Llewyn Davis each follow a protagonist as they attempt to understand the cruel turns of fate dealt to them, all of which are self-authored by deeply flawed men.

But in the case of ''The Man Who Wasn't There,'' it is possible to put such objections aside and luxuriate in the intelligent movie-ness of the experience. Constantly shrouded in a fog of cigarette smoke, he appears at times to blend into his surroundings — a wonderful visual representation of a man seeking to disappear from the world.

View all New York Times newsletters. Ed's dominant emotional state is a kind of baffled depression.

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He nods, then goes back to his cell. Click the 'Read notes' button to see his…. The Coen Brothers. It is the story of how self-effacing Ed Crane, in yearning for a better station in life than that of the humble barber, with his smock and scissors, succeeds only in getting mixed up in the adulterous affair being conducted by his wife Doris, played by Frances McDormand, and her boss Big Dave James Gandolfini , leading to blackmail, bloodshed, and the shadow of the electric chair.

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It refers to an archetype found in literature from the era: But the Barber persists. In noir, a character makes a choice—usually to steal money or chase after love, or both—and that choice dooms them.

Thank you for subscribing. Crane,'' asks Birdy Abundas Scarlett Johansson , a high school student whose piano playing becomes a source of solace for Ed in his times of trouble.

Is this the Coen brothers’ most underrated movie?

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A crime would be committed flawlessly, and then the perp would be trapped by an inconsequential, unrelated detail. See next articles. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Fallen arches kept him out of service in the war, and it seems unlikely he will see any kind of action on the home front. It invites us to take a close look at what really ignites the explosive outbreak of violence in which Big Dave tries to choke his blackmailer to death, only for Crane to fatally wound him with a letter-opener. Mary Zophres. Reviews Features Podcast Magazine Shop. Palmer, R.