19 Weird Moments In 'Madeline' That Make Revisiting This Movie Absolutely Hilarious

The remaining Yamainu are sent into a state of disarray when they hear a god-like voice over their radios apparently torturing other Yamainu, revealed to be the impersonating voices of Hanyuu and Keiichi, respectively. Keiichi's parents leave for Tokyo for a few days.

The Banken come to arrest her. Believing that it is a trick, Keiichi refuses to replace the trunks.

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Rika becomes torn between remaining in this new world that knows no sin and where everyone is living contently, or killing her mother and returning to her old world. During Rika's ritual performance at the Watanagashi festival, Shion whisks Keiichi away to sneak to the ritual tool shed of Oyashiro, where Tomitake and his friend, Miyo Takano, are waiting.

Spirited Away by the Demon, Part 2 " Transcription: During the annual Watanagashi festival, Keiichi is informed by Tomitake and a mysterious woman, Takano, about "Oyashiro's curse". Keiichi learns from Shion that Takano was found burned to death and Tomitake committed suicide by clawing out his throat. Hanyu, while out for a walk, finds the scared Rika and offers to help her.

Rika and Satoko are cornered by the Yamainu in the forest at one point, but Mion, Shion, Rena and Keiichi come to rescue them when Rena had a suspicion that "people" were watching them after they had left Rika's house.

Now that she and her friends are finally free from the eternally repeating tragedies of June , Rika has a new lease on life. Shion learns that Satoshi despises the Sonozaki family for having persecuted the Hojo family.

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Even when the bar is already low for child acting She has a flashback of when she was living with both her parents; we learn that she had a conversation with her mother asking her, if they were to split up, which parent would she want to live with. Dude, do these kids think that Pepito is going to kill them? In another flashback, Satoshi talks with Dr. Her friends arrive at the landfill, and try to console and accept her for who she is.

Otaka arrives at the precinct, claiming to have the backing of Councilor Sonozaki, but Councilor Sonozaki himself is on-site and dispels such a claim. Takano looks over the village and proclaims that her actions will be a continuation of her and her grandfather's legacy. Mion hears from her uncle that he made a mistake in describing the ability of the suit, and that the person whose name is written on the briefs will fall in love with the wearer, meaning Keiichi, who had written his own name on them, will fall in love with himself.

Rena gradually regains her sanity, but cannot bring herself to kill him and reconciles with her friends.

19 Weird Moments In 'Madeline' That Make Revisiting This Movie Absolutely Hilarious

After Oishi leaves, Mion appears and presumably kills Keiichi. This drives her deeper into madness.

One night Takano and her friends successfully escape the orphanage and run in separate directions, but Takano is found by the angry headmaster of the orphanage.