One understanding of value is that of exchange—what is paid for an object. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

Yet, when these textured pieces catch the light, it is possible to discern a hint of pink, a twinkle of green, a murmur of red and undertones of gold.

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Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 15 of Lindo came across the film Auntie by Barbadian filmmaker Lisa Harewood. Homer's Bahamas watercolours have had a strong influence on Hinkson. As a child I remember hustling home with my family to make sure we did not miss whatever important thing was going to be said. Kanhai is a graduate of the UWI visual arts certificate programme and an experienced designer—having worked for roughly a decade on an array of residential and commercial interiors with Brian MacFarlane and Roger Myers.

Paul Kain paints street realities.

I will leave you with this: It was my intention to produce a book about my recent exhibition Finding Black. Sculpture Exhibitions Sculpture.

Marsha Pearce

A new year is often an opportunity to recalibrate sight. He was wearing his grandfather's Rev. Because his father was a Travelling Officer with the colonial government, Hinkson enjoyed extensive exposure to Trinidad's rural and coastal landscape and architecture, particularly plantation architecture.

At the tip a curious figure of bulbous bits is found dangling. For each place signified by Walcott, the visual language of Doig compels the reader there—not scene for scene, nor frame for frame, but with a less common skill than merely repeating in painting what Walcott renders in verse. Art 6 is a beautiful gallery-skylight included—with a capacity to host what Kanhai refers to as a standing collection.

In Formation by Adele Todd. Where do abstract and conceptual art lie in a value scale of aesthetics? Her baby dress and the dress she wore when a small child are displayed.

Sunday, October 4, In the background of the painting she makes a spiritual reference as she shows the politicians leaving office, each with a cross to bear. Marsha Pearce. Of note is one painting titled Doppelganger.

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The exhibition layout again dictates another move outward to the piece Rooted and a return to the wall for another watercraft work called A Refuge: In some images the fruit alone were enough to symbolically conjure a visual regime laden with the making and appreciation of certain kinds of artworks. Which images sell? Girl then gets involved with other men, a move fuelled by a complex mix of self-loathing and affection. The work featured a repeating motif of an artist brandishing a paintbrush in one hand and a bunch of bananas in the other.

Watercolours by Hinkson Browsing the Latest Snapshot. The title Spectrum is an easy fit for an exhibition featuring a range of work by eight jewellery designers. Except for a convenient touting of creativity within the enterprises of Carnival and tourism, the society is still to be nurtured to see what art can do for it.