The Babylonians identified Sagittarius as the god Nergal , a strange centaur-like creature firing an arrow from a bow. Famous for his outspokenness, his beauty pageants and having an extravagant lifestyle. Yes my DC is on Sabik.

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White light image of the Flaming Star Nebula showing the "smoke" of reflection nebula. You can have many different kinds of clock faces, but the hands are fundamental. This region lies between 1.

Just like pictures of a siphon on google match the Constellation.

Ophuichus The 13th Sign? ~ Nov 22 to Dec 21

Summary of the contents and survey properties". Me and my big mouth! This, as well as observations of the changing positions of stars Sirius and Arcturus , led to the discovery of proper motion. I understand this. I also have a Pisces moon though, so that offers a certain type of obsession with undoing and darkness… Reply.

Cool, I do like his work. Lists of nebulae. Just a thought since we are in Ophuichus, maybe some of the meaning for this constellation can be attributed to the galactic center. I have lilith trine ascendant, would you say it bears similarities to serpentarius?

Ophiuchus The 13th Sign ? ~ Nov 22 to Dec 21

Cutting out a very long story — I think the salient part of the Aesklepius story is that Zeus stopped him uniting the snakes and giving humans imortality… However, what if at the right time the snakes were released? Hidden categories: What a powerful Lilith.

Adam and Charles Black. The Sun brings great creativity and takes away some of the shady edge of the serpent.

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Might you be able to provide any insight or ideas? And yet it is not part of our Milky Way galaxy. I will have fun reading that when I get the chance. Five faint stars are positioned so that they appear close to Aldebaran. My DC is 6 degrees. What you speak is spot on!!! In context, though, I was trying to stay within reference of the entire tapestry that is Ophiuchus, while I do have a pretty good understanding of a lot of things.

Thankyou Marina, thankyou Darkmoon! What my proposal opens for debate for change is how Ophiuchus is re-incorporated to the 12 month 2D zodiac. But this characteristic only s eems to appear with weaker souls. By , the photographic technique had improved to the point that it was possible to measure a star's radial velocity from the amount of Doppler shift in the spectrum.

Sagittarius (constellation)

PLV describes the story of the zodiac in his book and I found, after dredging up some very old and out of style tarot packs that the card of The Moon has fantastic clues to activity at the galactic centre! It think its like a fixed star, slowly moves by procession.

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