Winter Care of Container Geraniums

Although there are over species of pelargonium, nearly all originating from South Africa, the vast majority of plants that you are likely to come across are hybrids developed from perhaps a 10th of that number. DIY Projects. We have a beautiful geranium one plant that I just cut off 24 large blooms.

I have some I had in the garage in pots during the winter that just needed watered and fed and are in good shape. Method 1.

Please advise! I am planting geranium seeds now and will keep in a green house until May and then want to use them in a wedding in late August.

Give them a good dose of water when you first bring them in, then allow the soil to dry out between waterings.

Don't let the frost ruin next summer: Expert tips for long-lasting geraniums Daily Mail Online

Store in a cool, dry location. Geraniums are everywhere in the spring, so it seems odd it became such a tradition to overwinter geraniums for next season. I live in zone 6, and have a potted geranium plant that used to belong to my brother, who died in his mid 30s in Geraniums are light feeders and don't need fertilizer during the winter. Soak the roots before potting or planting outdoors. Potted Storage Pot up your geraniums and allow the soil to dry out.

How to Overwinter Geraniums

Then it was sent to Kenya to be 'bulked up' - ie grown in quantity. Oh, the pressure! I brought mine inside in the pot and kept it watered regularly in front of a window that gets loads of afternoon light. Some were in pots around the pool and some were in the ground. The flowers are on long stalks and massed into clusters.

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Winters here in the North are cold. Do I cut them now or in the spring? Keep the bulb about 10 to 12 inches from the top of the plant. A Anonymous Jan 15, But this one kept its golden foliage which went well with the pink flowers. We want to hear from you!