Kendra Dress Sew-Along: Skirt Pockets, Back Seam and Side Seams

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Easing is often used on sleeve caps and can be achieved with the help of a few lines of ease stitching. Armhole — An opening at the side of a bodice allowing the arm to go through a sleeveless garment. I prefer it without the seam, too, but fabric economy was a concern.

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Remember me. Used e. Neckline Felled seam Seam allowance Style line. The seam is first sewn with wrong sides together, then the seam allowances are trimmed and pressed. Warp — The vertical threads in woven fabric, running parallel to the selvage.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. This page was last edited on 8 December , at The distance from the bottom crotch to the lower ankle is also known as the inseam.

Steam can also help in manipulating the shape of a garment. Snap fastener — A fastener consisting of two parts, the ball and the socket, that are attached to each other by pressing. Sarvi Sarvi. Center front CF — A vertical line marking the center of a pattern or a garment at the front. dictionary :: center back seam :: English-German translation

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A center back seam or back seam runs vertically down the center-back of a garment. The General fit is close-to-the-body but not binding.

Zipper opening — An opening in a seam or cut into the fabric, into which the zipper will be sewn. Iron at a very cool temperature with a cloth on top, if necessary.

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Vent — An opening on a garment, e. Zigzag is used e. A seam finish is a treatment that secures and neatens the raw edges of a plain seam to prevent raveling, [6] by sewing over the raw edges or enclosing them in some sort of binding. Canada Goose online 2. Responsibly Dyed. This helps you to get the entire canada goose outlet report of your social media marketing. Please note that in the following tutorial the raw edges are NOT finished because my serger sewing machine was being serviced at the time that I wrote this tutorial.

Sleeve head — A curved piece sewn to the sleeve cap with the purpose of adding structure to the sleeve, drape to the shoulder, and covering seam allowances.