6 Tips on How to Organise an Art Exhibition

If possible, choose a date near the weekend when more people will be off from work and looking for things to do around town. Be sure to have someone lined up to help you with the hanging. You can read our guide to stand lighting for indoor exhibitions here.

To drive traffic to your exhibition stand and leave a memorable impression on your visitors, you need to create a detailed plan for all your event activities and identify the role trade shows play in your overall marketing and sales strategy. We make it our business to offer you a tailor-made approach to develop innovative products which will give your product range a competitive edge.

2017 Exhibitors and Exhibition plan

The phrase "can I help you? I keep a photograph of that evening where I can see it all the time. Know your neighbours To make your success even more likely ask the organiser for a list of confirmed exhibitors most events make them available online and check out your competition and floor neighbours.

Visuals such as the different sized stall plots are a great way to appeal to prospective customers. If you have not started one, do so now. Our network brings together 34 technology core facilities that deliver hands-on solutions for labs and businesses across: Get in touch. In the 3 second that it takes for a visitor to pass your stand they have to know who you are, what you do and a good reason for using you.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Preparing For An Exhibition.

Exhibition Plan

Talk to an expert. The latest floor planning technology As technology progresses new ways to manage your floor plans become available. Price your artwork for sale. The attendees need to be convinced that the exhibition will have something for them, and the exhibitors will need to be convinced that the attendees will want to buy from them.

TW Tonya Webb Jul 31, We supply analytical essays adapted to your needs: Page content. I find a postcard-sized art card is particularly useful, as they can be mailed to your contact list, and the remainder left for people to take when they visit. What you want from a show will affect your decision on how to exhibit. So you now know which exhibition or exhibitions you want to attend.

That's why it accounts for over a tenth of total media spend in Britain. A floor plan of your exhibition is a 2 or 3 dimensional rendering to show how the venue space is being used and forms the blue print your exhibition is built from.

The Follow Up The whole event will have been a waste of time unless you are prepared to devote as much time and effort to following up your leads as you did for the show.

Once you have identified your aims, refer to these at each stage of the planning process.

6 Tips on How to Organise an Art Exhibition Contrado Blog

Ministry of Research Approved. A good art exhibition should be characterized by a prominent theme that ties the different pieces together and makes them feel like part of a larger whole.

Nothing is more off putting to a visitor than a gaggle of bored, hung over staff sitting around chatting on your stand. So what about your people? Make an impact As you know, strategic planning is essential to maximising your return on investment. Finally book your site as far in advance as possible and choose your stand design and the products to be displayed. Not everyone can afford to purchase original work, so I try to have something to offer those who cannot.