Ti-Ping Tien-Kwoh: The History of the Ti-Ping Revolution (Volume I) by Lindley

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Especially when freshly baked, the pizza still brings in much love from the Italian oven compared to other local counterparts. You may either sprinkle with vinaigrette or allow people to add their own as they see fit when serving. Add some fish. OK, you can use any light stock. Seriously, it was like opening the stove and getting that first time whiff of fabulous Palak Paneer or that newly grilled tandoori.

Bring to boil and simmer for an hour. See various rantings and ravings in intro for more detail. Better if you use your own homemade broth. Keep canned broth as a back up EVEN if you make your own. And do you know what I have in mind as an experiment? To the drained, mixed beans I am assuming you are using canned.

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Toss together and add salt and pepper. Mix the couscous with some fresh vegetables, e. What I loved more about it was how I pronounced the name when I told my husband what the menu for dinner was: Now bake at until done. Add a little parsley. So, while your stock is simmering just look over some of these hint loaded tomes and start educating your self. I was still too full from lunch — and just managed to drown myself with chamomile tea.

Sauce espagnole or spanish sauce is made from caramelized "aromatics", i. You may use sweet onions here. Simmer some more to cook the chicken just a little. If you want to be fancy substitute a shot of Pernod for the fennel.

The fish was tender and succulent, but I found the sauce a tad too sweet for my taste. Sorry for the tirade. But a GOOD canned broth will work.