Those Weird Spots on Your Face Could Actually Be Melasma

Best Melasma Upper Lip Treatment: 3 Steps to Fade Your Sun-Stache Fast

It's not easy to work with, almost need to rub it between my fingers, but I've also found using a primer helps. Hummmmmm, I look like I have a moustache, because I do.

Order Status. Birth control pills and hormonal changes—especially among pregnant women—may also be to blame, adds cosmetic dermatologist Howard Sobel, M. When you exfoliate it helps with your melasma treatment by getting rid of old skin and bringing in new skin.

I am going to look into the chemical peels that the above poster recommended.

The Best Melasma Upper Lip Treatment: 3 Steps to Fade Your Sun Mustache Fast

If you have questions about best skin care products, or best skin treatment options for various problems or needs, search in the top header for existing content, or click "ask a question" to submit your own! Sunscreens that help with melasma.

The Times of India. Coconut oil makes me break out: Ben Nye makes an excellent product.

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It has taken years and years off of my age! You need a physical blocker, like my Zinka! All Bombay Times print stories are available on. Good job for not doing what I did before my wedding to attack my brown forehead spots, which was to use an Rx cream from my derm to lighten them and then neglect to tell my eyebrow waxer this at my pre wedding appointment.

Sep 6, Messages: Thanks for the recommendations! I've only been using it for a few days now, so I'm hesitant because it MIGHT be wishful thinking but I swear just in using it a few days, it's lightened tremendously.

Steriods — Corticosteroids is the most commonly used steroids in lightening products. Do NOT do these 7 things when you are raising a boy. Also looking into these products ASAP. See a dermatologist.

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Fortunately, melasma usually fades in the winter months, explains Dr. Hey Lauryn! Hi, hi, hi! You can purchase them at Ulta and QVC. ALittleKiran Bloglovin.