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Fragrance Sake with a prominent fruity fragrance, like some daiginjo sake, will work well as an aperitif, with enough presence to stand on its own and enhance the assertive appetite. New to sake? Each sake has its own optimum temperature, and this will vary, with the sake as well as your personal preference. Com" with a link back to the original posting. As with wine, the recommended serving temperature of sake varies greatly by type. What are your concerns?

It's also important to note that any gluten grains added would amount to a very small percentage of the final product—likely the sake would fall below the U. Excellent pairing with Sushi and Sashimi Cuisines.

I remember the first time I tasted sake, and sushi for that matter, back when I was in college in the 80s. Since home-brewed sake is tax-free sake, the logic was that by banning the home brewing of sake, sales would go up, and more tax money would be collected. I fell in love with sake on my second day in Japan. I seem to like as many plain daiginjo sakes as much as I like junmai daiginjo sakes, and would never be able to identify the differences between them in a blind tasting.

Brewed with highly polished rice, Ginjo sake can also be drunk warm but is better served chilled or at room temperature. Here are a couple of other general guidelines:. Comments 7 Great segment, Harris! At the New Year many Japanese people drink a special sake called toso. Typically, hot sake is a winter drink, and high-grade sake is not drunk hot, because the flavors and aromas will be lost. There is something psychologically comforting also from my twenties, that warmed Sake totally comforts me.

Furthermore, the alcohol content differs between sake , wine, and beer. As I was saying, it basically looks like water.

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May i also say i enjoyed this all the more knowing its only had 9 ratings and all of the from RBSG Love it. It's in the koji mold. The Sake Handbook. More in Special Diets.

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Light, fruity, and refined. Kubota — Niigata — Dry Bottle. The steamed rice is then cooled and divided into portions for different uses.