Keyhole knee surgery is 'waste of time' review finds

When chronic hip pain drove Brenda Brault to seek medical care, the long-distance runner and triathlete assumed her high-level athletic pursuits were over. Email Email is required. Materials from the margins: The information on this site is for your information only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

What Is Arthroscopy? - Definition, Procedure & Recovery

Quinlan, of Richmond, Va. What's your main goal? Article Boswellia Frankincense for Osteoarthritis. Often the surgery is performed to remove part of a damaged meniscus, a disc of cartilage that helps cushion the knee.

May For example, arthroscopy of the knee takes about an hour. For knee arthroscopy only two small incisions are made, one for the arthroscope and one for the surgical instruments to be used in the knee cavity. Rarely, this fluid may be the cause of a serious complication, compartment syndrome.

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Later, Dr. Your selected plan: Upgrade to Premium to add all these features to your account! In addition, the surgery exposed patients to "rare but important harms," such as infection. More than 70, knee arthroscopies were performed in in Australia and, though rates of the surgical procedure are now falling, it still remains one of the most common surgical procedures. Recovery times are greatly reduced due to the relatively small size of incision s , and many patients are treated as outpatients.

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Others believed the improvement was due to the removal of flaps of cartilage, torn meniscal fragments, synovial tissue, and loose debris. October Proper draping of the body part is important to prevent contamination from instruments used in arthroscopy, such as the camera, light cords, and inflow and outflow drains placed in the portals. What do the group say about current practice? The recovery time from an arthroscopy depends on the procedure that was completed.

Respiratory System: The view inside your joint is transmitted to a high-definition video monitor.