Quick access to Word's horizontal ruler

How to Use Rulers in Microsoft Word

Follow Us on Twitter. Since the ruler is visible by default, we will show you the first way to toggle the ruler's visibility by hiding it: Check the box to the left of Ruler in the Show section of the navigational ribbon at the top of the window. Open Word and load the document in which you want to set tabs. Steps to Hide or Show Ruler in Word The ruler triangles have been highlighted in red on the screenshot above. Drag the top triangle to the left to create a hanging indent, or drag the bottom triangle to make a first-line indent.

The vertical ruler is not. Microsoft Word has a page setup that gives or shows us the way ruler, size of margin on all four sides.

Newest Tips. Drawing toolbar helps in editing any drawing object or picture that has been put on the document or spreadsheet. Personally, I found them distracting and simply used the Rulers. The horizontal ruler is also visible in Web Layout and Draft view. To insert a tab stop, just use the button to select the type of stop you want. Learning to use the horizontal and vertical rulers in Microsoft Word will make documents easier to edit and more precise.

How to Use the Ruler to Format a Paragraph in Word - dummies

When text is added to your document by a macro, and that text includes quotes or apostrophes, Word won't change the Note that the ruler-toggling button always shows " View Ruler " as screen tip, whether the ruler is actually visible or not - don't let it confuse you!

Hyphenation prevents ugly gaps and short lines in text. If you have multiple printers accessible to your computer, you may need a way to quickly print your worksheet on a Martin, Anni. Post a Comment. See All Related Store Items. Is the unit of measurement being used in Microsoft Word not the one that you would prefer? Book now. You can also use this tab to control page orientation. Move your mouse curser onto the right triangle of the horizontal ruler The double-headed arrow will appear Drag and release to change the right margin To alter the top margin: Skip to main content.

Make sure your rulers are enabled. However, the designers at Microsoft were apparently unaware that these dotted lines were even being used for this purpose and changed their text layout engine in Word. Again, the double-headed arrow appears.