21CN Overview

The product itself will feature 10Mbps downstream and 2Mbps upstream, but will be burstable to 30Mbps [12]. Mobile broadband is often available in areas outside the Connected Counties Programme. How does this affect me? Enter 6 characters or more for instant suggestions. Inevitably, BT has been focusing on urban areas rather than rural areas where it believes that it will achieve the best return from its investment.

We do advise that all of the timescales and information we provide are indicative and subject to change.

What is Fibre Broadband?

Broadband availability checker To find out what broadband you can get, use the uSwitch broadband postcode checker to see which packages and speeds are available at your home. Some settings take a working day to change. August 10, at The rollout is the most technically efficient and therefore most cost effective plan possible. Some can be changed more quickly but then cannot be changed within the following 10 days.

Eventually, this will be available in all areas where FTTC is available. From the street cabinet, the broadband signal has to travel even further to your home or business premises.

Encouraging consumers to see if they can get more from their broadband by checking what services are available in their area.

Difference between back-haul carriers

The problem was that the network was owned by one major company — BT — that, naturally, was the market leader.

July 19, at Openreach also manages the connection between the phone lines and the other providers that connect up in the exchange. Mostly they work in the same way - providing connectivity from you to us so we can offer you Internet access.

The IPstream product covers the transport of data between the end-user's premises and an interconnect point of the ISPs choice, such as their main colocation facility, which is served by one or more links called BT Centrals.

When and Where : Connecting Cumbria

The photo on the left shows a BT Openreach engineer working at a street cabinet. Unfortunately, due to the complex nature of digital infrastructure, delays can occur. Currently, two forms of fibre broadband are being rolled out by BT: November Learn how and when to remove this template message. In areas closer to mobile masts even simpler solutions such as wireless dongles might enable residents with a reliable connection to get online.


Not BT Wholesale! No, the programme is not identifying specific locations for upgrade first as this would create technical constraints which could lead to less coverage and speed uplift across Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

DataStream products are being removed completely. Terms and Conditions Privacy. If you enter just a postcode we will return a list of premises for you to choose from. Comments RSS Feed. Latest liveFTTPstructure update. Fibre broadband eliminates the need for the 'lossy' copper cable between the BT exchange and the street cabinet, to significantly increase broadband speeds.