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That still gives me chills. I headed to the hills to avoid all the damn people. Last pass went right between the hands of Jermaine Kearse. Now that Buffalo is a game ahead of them and has the tiebreaker, the Jags are staring at yet another top-five draft pick, and I don't think any of us really saw that coming after last year.

They have to have such a deep knowledge base that I really respect that. Or very few. Bachman Turner Overdrive. She accepted this, but I gotta look like I know what I'm talking about next time it comes up?

That cued both teams to come in pushing and shoving, and soon punching and kicking.

'Boomer' highlights fun side of sports

We share information about the games that the rest of the group might not be watching, ask questions, and keep everyone else informed about which games they might want to tune into if they can. That's funny. Daniels and Clark are incredible, but because they're linemen not named JJ Watt they don't tend to pile up traditional stats that get them the recognition they deserve.

And then I told myself I could just do 5. That leads to a punt, and Luck and the Colts will have several minutes here to kick a winning field goal. Changing the rule so that the fumbling team retains possession at the spot of the fumble, or at the one yard line using the analogy of a spot foul in the end zone wouldn't encourage any "accidental on purpose" fumbles through the end zone - if you fumble the ball, the best outcome you can get is a dead ball spot at the spot of the fumble or the one and the worst outcome is that the other team gets the ball; if you don't fumble the ball, the best outcome you can get is a touchdown and the worst is a dead ball with possession.

And it was a dribbler that skipped and slid, but Michael Palardy made a great play to get it down and Graham Gano hit the kick. Green Bay are the club house leaders on this with 27 times - 9 times from but also five times in and five times in I suppose some of that could be chalked up to weaponry, at least for September. Fackrell, Matthews, and Perry are all just average and no team needs to scheme against them.

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The good news is that Russell Wilson is starting convert them. Rodgers was using his head orientation and his eyes to throw off the secondary in his first game in the NFL, and Collinsworth started gushing about it. Click here for our exclusive conversation.

He's not close to open, and Bradley McDougald tips the ball up to himself and reels it in for the interception. Meanwhile, Arizona's last seven drives include four three-and-outs, one other punt, an interception on first down, and a kneeldown to end the first half. I always really liked Collinsworth relative to other announcers, but have also become weary of him recently. Favorite call: You might be sitting down to watch a "SportsCenter" or something.

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Would I wiggle and waggle and do things a little differently here and there? So yeah, i'll take his over-eager, over-systematizing, 8-year-old-who-wants-to-tell-you-about-his-pokemon-deck personality over, for example, a guy named Booger on a rickety animatronic cart or whatever the alternative is. The opposite of the play s of the day just happened. Look out folks, this one is a doozy!