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The US Fish and Wildlife Service prepared special regulations outlining how wolves would be managed as an experimental population. This blog is dedicated to the memory of Wolf , the beloved Yellowstone Druid wolf named Limpy, who was shot and killed in March 08, on the very day ESA protections were lifted for the gray wolf, by the then Bush Administration. Watch the park's wolf biologist answer some questions about wolves in Yellowstone.

David Mech not to mention the need to switch back and forth from group to group , it becomes a bit tricky to keep up with which wolf is which and even how many wolves there are at any given time.

The Role of the Courts Several lawsuits were filed to stop the restoration on a variety of grounds. The coalition is an intervener in the lawsuits challenging the plan. Post to Cancel. There are lessons here for Washington state, where dispersing wolves from Idaho and Canada are re-establishing packs in parts of Eastern Washington and the Cascades.

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Today the wolf count in Yellowstone stands at about 80, with 10 litters of pups this spring. By Brooke Borel. However, he noted that the equipment used at the time was far less sophisticated, played the howls at regular intervals, and was kept in the same location the entire time. McNamee does report the sighting in Italy of a wolf dashing out of a Tuscan village with spaghetti trailing from its jaws.

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Take ranching: Elk, a favorite food for wolves in the Northern Rockies, are also abundant. Wolves have an unfortunate proclivity for snacking on household pets, he notes. So far, data suggests wolves are contributing to de- creased numbers of elk calves surviving to adulthood and decreased survival of adult elk.

The gray wolf is listed as endangered; recovery is mandated under the Endangered Species Act. But he says the kind of comments he hears from ranchers, outfitters and rural residents is gradually changing. An experimental population, under section 10 j of the Endangered Species Act, is considered nonessential and allows more management flexibility. My forthcoming book,. What is a trophic cascade and how exactly do wolves change rivers? The US Fish and Wildlife Service is required by this law to restore endangered species that have been eliminated, if possible.

Thus, interactions of wolves with elk and other ungulates has created a new degree of complexity that makes it difficult to project long-term population trends.

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. Harrington and Asa write that an average howl from a single wolf lasts only three to seven seconds. Canadian and American wildlife biologists captured wolves in Canada and relocated and released them in both Yellowstone and central Idaho. In , a Congressional directive required the US Fish and Wildlife Service to reissue its delisting, which stated that "if Wyoming were to develop a Service-approved regulatory framework it would be delisted in a separate rule" 74 FR , April 2, , p.

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