Speenhamland System

Britain was at war with revolutionary France from until Conditions were beyond decent description, the children brought up on a diet of lukewarm gruel the water used for boiling vegetables and meat , and order was enforced with prodigious use of the cane.

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For every penny that the loaf rose above one shilling they reckoned that a man would need three pence for himself and one penny for each member of his family. Fears of declining food production were baseless as well. Need help logging in? A Poor Law is supposed to provide public relief, that is benefits paid out of the public purse to the destitute.

So the workers' low income was unchanged and the poor rate contributors subsidised the farmers. Stanley, explorer and journalist. For the place in Berkshire after which it is named, see Speenhamland, Berkshire. The Speenhamland system appears to have reached its height during the Napoleonic Wars , when it was a means of allaying dangerous discontent among growing numbers of rural poor faced by soaring food prices, and to have died out in the post-war period, except in a few parishes.

Naturally such a system led to larger families and unnaturally early marriages. There was population growth, industrialisation requiring greater mobility of labour, and mass enclosures of land. The most important automatic stabilizers include unemployment compensation…. Others said it impeded mobility of labour. Pride and Prejudice: British Foreign policy Lord North's Ministry Using tax revenues to subsidise wages was abolished by the new poor law of , but crept back in with the introduction of housing benefit and family income supplement in the s.

In , he described 'the great difficulty' on the road to progress, 'that to me appears insurmountable'. The great transformation. Henry M.

The Speenhamland System

The welfare reforms being introduced by the coalition government, though, are a new version of Speenhamland with similar implications. Article History. Things were so bad that famine was a distinct possibility and there was a fear among the ruling classes that the lower orders might be tempted to emulate the French, and revolt. Click the button to go to Paypal and make a donation.

In February , England went to war with France.

Poor Laws in Britain, and ‘Speenhamland’

This article is a stub. Eden attacked the system as an impediment to agricultural progress. Wives were kept apart from their husbands, and both from their own children. Download preview PDF.

Feature: The road to Speenhamland

Though some of Blaug's more drastic assertions may be ill-founded or overly polemical, it appears evident that Speenhamland was by no means a household name, and that since the practice was by January the famous meeting was in May being used in various villages, usually in conjunction with other means of relieving the poor.

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The Peel Web I am happy that you are using this web site and hope that you found it useful. Tips For Editing. Many blamed middlemen and hoarders as the ultimate architects of the shortage.

Read this Article. Workhouses gave work to the workless, and were supposed to feed their otherwise helpless children.