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'Secret Life of Walter Mitty' is as dull as his real life

Great article! Iceland, with all its natural gems and beautiful filming locations, really is the perfect place to rewind and refocus. There's a good chance you are at your desk right now taking a break from filing to read this, and, even while you are working today, holiday visions will flash through your head. After he imagines Cheryl singing " Space Oddity ", Mitty gains a new confidence and boards the helicopter despite misgivings.

Mitty and Cheryl continue their walk down the street holding hands.

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Need a car for your trip to Iceland? Those who are here on shorter trips often only dedicate one or two days to photography. In this one, he was ok. In this scene of the movie, Walter Mitty checks in at the airport for his flight to Greenland.

Walter Mitty and travel photographer Sean O'Connell.

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All photos courtesy Miss Copenhagen. Retrieved July 18, Dog sledding is one of the Big Arctic Five elements, so the association between sled dogs and Greenland is on the right track, but the location is inaccurate.

A gag involving Patton Oswalt as Walter's eHarmony customer service representative is both funny and ridiculous, though the ongoing mention of eHarmony dilutes the scene's more heartwarming elements. Misunderstanding the pilot, Mitty falls into the ocean rather than jumping into a dinghy boat.

Walk in the footsteps of Walter Mitty

Mitty returns home discouraged and visits his mother, throwing away the wallet he received from O'Connell. Mitty flies there to find him. Cast Director Production. I know because my friend owned the helicopter that was in the movie. Guide to Iceland is the world's most popular source of Iceland travel information.

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The film spans over vast regions — the East, West, North, South — that acted like a canvas for Ben Stiller, who is also the director of the film. I'm not sure about this number but I sure know that they are in. When asked about the negative, O'Connell explains that the message on the gift wrapping to "look inside" was literal; the negative was in the wallet. Scenes that should be inspiring instead feel manufactured, such as when Walter climbs the Himalayas or joins in a game of soccer with a group of sherpas.

Lake Myvatn — Winter Excursion. CS1 maint: Here are some of the locations the movie was filmed in. Retrieved July 14, Not necessarily a great image, just a good one. Archived from the original on February 29, Greenland is a dual-language country, so everything is printed in both Danish, the colonial language, and Greenlandic, the mother tongue.

Zero Stars. Best Cinematography.