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DemDebate,Let's elect a president who will defend and build on the progress we've made. MotivationMonday,6 times Hillary Clinton took on tough fights and crushed it,link,http: Today, Hillary is introducing a plan to address this growing epidemic, which has touched the lives of countless American families. Thank you for the warm welcome, Marc! Pitch in by midnight to add your name to the new Donor Wall at HQ: Here's to the next 99 years.

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I'm particularly very interested in voting rights and campaign finance reform. Keep working hard in NH. Now is the time to stand with Hillary. We need sensible gun control measures to save lives, and I will do everything I can to achieve that. Voordelen van het lidmaatschap Stijl - Elke maand nieuwe collecties met frisse, modieuze outfits.

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Officials should be held to their duty to uphold the law—end of story. We need to build on that progress—not go backwards. Now is the time for all of us—including Republicans—to stand up to hateful, dangerous words and deeds. Not so much. Get your free sticker: Join her: When he was killed, she found herself thrust into the national spotlight.

Skip to content. Hope you'll join us. Today we mourn and honor them. Find out why.

This is going to be good for kids, for students, and for parents. And we need to build a movement. Find out with this flowchart. Through diplomacy, smart decision-making, and the toughest sanctions in history, Hillary helped pave the way for the deal that will stop Iran from ever getting a nuclear weapon.

Since we're in the primary, I also said I would cut it off when Hillary wins the Democratic nomination. Vul hieronder je e-mailadres in om je wachtwoord opnieuw te kunnen instellen.

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Vote for your favorite: Hillary Clinton has fought for progressive issues her entire career. What will our legacy be? Trump or not Trump? Sign up for a shift in your neighborhood: Join them and say ImWithHer.

First Dudes, preventing gun violence, and women who rock",link,http: American families need a champion to defend them from special interests. If you're on her team, share this and let your friends know why ImWithHer. We have to hold each other up, lift each other up, move together into the future that we will make.