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Pockie Pirates is a free to play online game that would give players around the world a chance to experience the world of One Piece like never before and maybe even become a pirate king themselves.

Every part of the ship must be remodeled to the same level before you can remodel it to a higher level. Dettlev May. Red names indicate players of the opposing affiliation.

How do we get any gold in Pockie Ninja?

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I will update this every ti Armor — Thunder God Island — Level Iron Grip Marauders. One is right next to Orange Town. A red color and an arrow pointing down is telling that this particular stat will decrease when Replace is clicked.

A player will need to be in your ship's range and not in "Newbie Protection" for you to attack. The Fancy Pants Adventure World 2. Yet another quality anime inspirated fun game is on its way, the game that will make you anime master, king of the deep blue sea. Glad to help you, guys! How to Obtain Soul Crystals.

So I made my own based on my experience in Pockie Ninja , to use up your 3 tries everyday because the equipment and stones you get from , bought with gold. Stone — St. Your Inventory will hold things like Food, remodel scrolls, remodel parts, cooking and quota books, treasure scrolls, and most importantly food. Tiny Mighty. Wis Full Attainable Crew List. Durability is basically like your ship's Vitality.

pockie ninja gold equipment

Subscribe to: Now, the strong will become even stronger. They can be found here. Sailing Strategy: You are considered on the water or "sailing" whenever you are not docked at a town, even if you JUST left that town.

Every item you buy from Trading Houses will take up one cargo space. Rice — Loguetown — Level 1. After attacking another player you will incur a 10 minute cooldown before you can attack anyone else.

pockie ninja gold equipment

Sunday, June 23, Pockie Pirates: That's why she doesn't have an Upgraded Special Skill. Yes, yes we do. He's the captain of the Strawhat pirates and currently has a ,, Beri bounty.