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He remarked to me that there was a sharp bend in the port, as if the exhausts had originally come straight out of the front of the head, and then someone decided they needed to be angled out to make the bike look more like a Triumph. This 'Vespa' can go on the road and dive into deeply and fly the sky by using a special propeller, which is active as a partner of a secret agent. Ducati road racer Fred Mork sponsored me for a season on this narrow-case non-desmo Find attached a picture of Mark Weiss' CB72 !

There are three shots - one of the front of the bike and two details of the forks.

No other streamlining was to be fitted to the bike. Hi Doug, they made a triple as well. Namespaces Article Talk. The 5 speed motor is in a box, partially disassembled.

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Dry clutch, water cooling etc etc. I don't remember if I spoke with Craig at the time, and he says his memories of the race are a bit hazy as they'd been working nearly around the clock for days to make the race. Toggle navigation. However, Indian motorcycles are still beloved—enthusiasts claim that there are still 50, Indian motorcycles on the road.

The bike had both detractors and enthusiastic fans, who either complained of poor handling and tendency to wheelie , or praised the power, light weight, and tendency to wheelie. The person Marc had bought it from had converted the bike to FF foot controls, built the seat, and a set of stainless steel pannier tanks sandwiching the frame backbone.

After many molds have been thrown in the trash usaually pulled out the next day we have finally completed the mold to make this intake system in a single part made out of carbon fiber. This is Keith's daily driver - he doesn't own a car, and he tours on the bike too.

On the cylinder, I get the raw casting from Eddie before they are machined and have the cylinder vapor honed using a more aggressive media to remove the rough sand casting and then finish it with a fine micro glass bead media.

JPG files supplied by John. Note the dry clutch.

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Abrams, p. A team of MotoBi factory-suppported riders raced at Daytona in A Lucas replica tail light, mini turn signals, alloy rear sprocket, Telefix fork brace and some Tarozzi rear sets completed the chassis. This feature along with improved performance in nearly all areas over the model allowed the 86 to win the Motocross Action Magazine shootout.

Mirko Zanzani one of Primo's sons tells me: In the s Rocky Largent was inspired by Tony Foale's Aermacchi racer to build a space frame for his Aermacchi street bike. Suitable for various Suzuki models.

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The bike was built with the help of Dan Brunacardi and had a Lectron carb converted to downdraft operation and Astralite wheels. But it is in the movie. He lived, with a shorter right leg. Retrieved October 18, Rich bought the frame after it turned up in a storage unit that was being auctioned off to cover the past-due rent.