HDPE Production Capacity, Price and Market

HDPE is an abbreviation for high-density polyethylene resin and is used to make plastic storage containers for milk and detergents. HDPE is made when intense heat is applied to petroleum. Join the BPF. Shop overstock, remnants, and drops at deep discount prices. Ethylene is a gas that becomes a resin during the process of polymerization. Polypropylene is coded as number 5 and is a hard plastic used for long-term food storage containers.

In 19 th century German chemist Eugen Bamberger and Friedrich Tschirner identified a compound named polymethylene, a close compound to polyethylene.

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Buy HDPE high density polyethylene now with our easy, secure checkout. As it is a versatile polymer it is used for producing a number of plastic good in different end segment markets.

Polyethylene is one of the most used polymer globally. Low-density grades of the thermoplastic are less stiff and the high-density grades have equally high crystallinity.

These sheets are specifically manufactured for marine applications where a slip or skid surface of sheets is essential. All Rights Reserved.

Even growing Solar Panel industry in Asian-Pacific regions has resulted in increased demand for High-density polyethylene over the forecast period. Some prominent uses of the polymer in plastic end segment markets are:.

All offer an excellent vapour or moisture barrier qualities and are chemically inert. Inventory updated daily. Order today, or call us to speak to one of our specialists. So where do you typically use it? The density of plastic. Asia is the leading region in the production of high-density polyethylene. Why so popular?

HDPE - high density polyethylene

Plus bread bags and those handy bags in the grocery store produce aisle. Plastics applications. These sheets are colored form of high-density sheets which are used by manufacturers to create signs and letters that expose the interior color. Do you have a favorite plastic? HDPE colors — HDPE is available in many colors including natural, black, red, yellow, green, beige, blue, polar white, mercury gray, seafoam, and sandshade. Even with its popularity, there are some advantages and disadvantages you should consider before using HDPE for your application:.

Even cereal box liners. Mentzer, A. It is used to produce a variety of different kind of materials such as bottles, automotive parts, furniture etc. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These pellets can be further turned into a variety of products with certain percentage of virgin high-density polyethylene combined with recycled high-density polyethylene.

They can be used as Landfill liners, Heap leach, and mine ponds and even for treatment of all water contaminated bodies.

Like many other plastics, HDPE often replaces heavier materials, in part because our society and many companies are pursuing sustainability goals, such as reducing the amount of material used in packaging and products. What is PET-G? The leading region for production of high-density polyethylene polymer is Asia and Middle-East.