Stacking Liquids

Do oil and water mix? Heating oil. Make sure it does not stick to the bottom and can float freely.

How to Stack Liquids in a Rainbow of Layers: A Fun Kid Science Project

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There it reacts with the water to produce the gas, carbon dioxide CO2. Liquids can also have different densities. Density of a liquid with a constant volume, varies according to the weight. What about corn syrup or vegetable oil? Eventually, when you pull the pencil to take it out, the bottle will lift up with it!

Liquid Densities

So the weight of an object does not matter when determining the density. Next dribble spoonfuls of tap water down the side of the glass until it is full. Ice cubes in different liquids: Salt increases the density of water, making the sachet float better.

Underwater Volcano Demonstration: Which layer is on top? Jennifer Ballard says: Tried this put mistakenly used olive oil.

Density Experiment for Kids: Simple Density Tower

One cubic centimeter of rock, for example, is much heavier than a cubic centimeter of wood. Because a material that expands takes up a larger volume , its density decreases. What happens to the water on top of the corn syrup? It is impossible, the oil and water always separate out again.

If the weight or mass of something increases, but the volume remains the same, the density has to increase.

Density Experiment for Kids: Simple Density Tower

The tablet is more dense than the oil and the water so sinks directly to the bottom. Remember that the weight of and object does not matter. If liquids have a very different chemical structure that makes one polar and the other one unpolar, they will not mix and always stay separate. Comprehension Checkpoint Cruise ships float because a.