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This configuration will provide increased interface capabilities in a fully redundant system with a significantly reduced number of line replaceable units.

Moreover, CEC will provide critical connectivity and integration of over-land air defense systems capable of countering emerging air threats, including land attack cruise missiles, in a complex littoral environment.

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Improved communications using standard Navy equipment will decrease reporting time and reduce the maintenance requirements. The GPETE procured must meet rigid technical requirements, be cost effective and satisfy valid deficiencies in authorized allowance.

July 13, DOI: Contracts are awarded for COTS hardware on a best value basis. Automates and remotely controls communications switching and quality monitoring equipment which eliminates manual operations. Variable unit cost is due to components being procured from various contractors and GSA schedule contracts.


Quantities reflect the following five communication nodes: The remaining 17 units will be procured in FY01 through FY Twelve 12 will be procured in later years. For shore procurements, antennas and ancillary equipment such as Asynchronous Transfer Mode ATM in-line encryptors will be procured.

JEDMICS currently manages and controls 78,, engineeringimages and has 32, authorized users responsible for over 70, user sessions per month. DET Non recurring - includes first articles. FY99 hardware buy is EDM upgrade. In addition, it provides near-real-time allsource fusion, correlation and analysis tools, directly feeding automated reporting capabilities. This will allow for more efficient documentation and display of information normally placed into the service record; increase efficiencies in the record transfers between activities; reduce lost or misplaced records and their reconstruction; reduce lost or mutilated pages; allow for bulk and group entries e.

TC Qty 1. Delivery of forward fit units takes six months longer than those procured into existing suites. Feb FY Automated Network management capability which is fully compatible with switching technologies and in compliance with national and international standards.

In future years, requirements will be included to fund complete system technologyinsertion as the COTS hardware becomes unsupportable. DAAS provides for processors and displays for tower and approach controls. These programs are part of the Navy SATCOM Program to provide a communications architecture that will provide seamless, rapid and reliable switching and transfer of large volumes of information voice, video, data or imagery.

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FY 01 Qty 0. Better definition of the problems will also provide data which will be used by designers to reduce EMI problems in future systems and equipments. Program continues indefinitely. Therefore, the variation between the number of procurements vs. This program provides ongoing production of countermeasure devices needed to sustain fleet inventories, production of preplanned improvements to enhance the readiness and effectiveness of acoustic intercept receivers and processors, and production of countermeasure devices and associated countermeasure launcher systems.

CLDG 2 systems. Engineering change kits improve reliability and maintainability and correct deficiencies to allow equipment to perform in accordance with operational requirements. MS Rev. System integration and assembly will be accomplished by the field activity, NAWCAD, after procuring individual components through existing contractual vehicles.