Birds can thank dinosaurs for their colorful eggs

Wings would have then evolved and become increasingly refined as devices to give the leaper more control, to parachute, to glide, and to fly in stepwise fashion. Journal of Paleontology.

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First, animals developed passive flight, in which developing wing structures served as a sort of parachute. Comparisons of bird and dinosaur skeletons, as well as cladistic analysis , strengthens the case for the link, particularly for a branch of theropods called maniraptors. Hutson, , "Retention of the flight-adapted avian finger-joint complex in the Ostrich helps identify when wings began evolving in dinosaurs", Ostrich: Hidden Birds of China. Dinosaur Evolution and the Origin of Birds.

This is a rare instance where paleoart is brought into the scientific process, rather than being tacked on after the research is finished. Those bristles probably were used in social and sexual display, like the mane of a lion or the spectacular plumage of some birds, Vinther and colleagues suggest in a separate study, published last month in Palaeontology.

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The arboreal hypothesis also notes that, for arboreal animals, aerodynamics are far more energy efficient, since such animals simply fall to achieve minimum gliding speeds. A small minority, including ornithologists Alan Feduccia and Larry Martin , continues to assert that birds are instead the descendants of earlier archosaurs, such as Longisquama or Euparkeria. So evidence of colour in animals has the potential to tell us about this very enigmatic aspect of the biology of ancient organisms.

Vinther studied the fossil of a small, plant-eating dinosaur called Psittacosaurus, a relative of Triceratops, and concluded that it had a dark back and pale belly — a colour arrangement known as counter-shading.

But until now no one had found the pigments in dinosaurs—other than birds, which many paleontologists consider to be dinosaurs. Show discussion. There are even very small dinosaurs, such as Microraptor and Anchiornis , which have long, vaned , arm and leg feathers forming wings.

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Many believe that the feathers were brightly colored and used for mating displays. All of the Archaeopteryx fossils come from marine sediments, and it has been suggested that wings may have helped the birds run over water in the manner of the Jesus Christ Lizard common basilisk. Popular stories currently unavailable Top videos Popular videos currently unavailable. The successful extraction of ancient DNA from dinosaur fossils has been reported on two separate occasions, but upon further inspection and peer review , neither of these reports could be confirmed.

Combinations of these melanins alongside absence of pigment create grey, brown and white colours.

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That points to a rapid proliferation of different dark hues among both early feathered dinosaurs and early mammals. No other peptides of a Mesozoic age have been reported.

Johns Hopkins University Press. He used Archaeopteryx as an example of this second stage. Freeman and Company, New York. Also, some birds, like flamingos, derive additional pigmentation from the food they eat.