GEST 980: MAGES Capstone: Newspapers, Magazines, and Non-Peer Reviewed Journals

Evaluating Books, Journals, Journal Articles and Websites

Scholarly and peer reviewed journal articles are generally very specific. One way to resolve this would be to include the descriptor in the reference callout in the text e. Is the asterisk in the reference in the text of the paper, in the reference in there list at the end of the paper, or both? The casual reader may continue to skim along, and assume that the concept holds as much weight as any other reference in the paper. Nov 8, Also, if anyone is really interested in the citation, they will check your references and see it is a working paper.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Toggle menu visibility. Their reference policy is a traditional one, espoused by many other journals — anything that goes into the reference list must have been peer reviewed.

Find a non-peer reviewed academic source For the purposes of this assignment, your non-peer-reviewed academic source will probably be either a book or a government document.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Footnotes are not particularly encouraged, although they are not forbidden either; you occasionally need to fight for them.

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As the way we communicate research results continues to evolve, it makes sense that our policies toward those communication channels should continue to evolve as well. Thanks for raising this point, David.

To determine if a journal is peer reviewed also sometimes called refereed journals , try these steps:. Or ask a librarian to recommend a subject encyclopedia.

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But I think we likely need to do a graphic that captures the difference between the two stages of an essay. First, the data or conclusions found in a preprint, which the author believes are suspect, may change prior to publication, rendering any attempt at discussion moot.

For example, if you were researching salmon and the nitrogen cycle, you would search for articles using the search terms "salmon" AND "nitrogen cycle.

About the Library. There are a number of reasons to cite work, including that they disagree with your own work. Thanks, Richard. Last Updated: