How to Add Scripts to RSBot

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This is exactly I was searching for. Is this normal? You must have access to it if you want to access any data from within the game. Wherever I use ctx. Make sure you're importing the correct ClientContext and ClientAccessor dependent on your client version. Also, it breaks the "is a" requirement. By Chris , October 10, in Knowledge Base.

It will allow you to write your scripts in a modularized fashion, which makes it easier to write, easier to read, and easier to maintain. If you are looking for an alternative method of scripting, check out my other tutorial on State-based scripts.

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How do I add scripts? - Knowledge Base - powerbot

Gonna work on creating some sort of GUI. Delete all of the code and paste this in there: Posted May 9, This is where you will put things to set up your script. Now we need to define when Chop should run.

Now that the activate is defined, we start on the execute. The type parameter will be the context type for your script. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

If you get an error, either the source is messed up or you need to fix the. What the Task class will do, is give you 2 methods: This really helped me get started.

The RSBot Cookbook: Writing Your First Script Using Tasks - Resources - powerbot

You will need the following things: The contents of poll is what will actually be run in your script. Is there a stacktrace for the first problem?

I will guide you along the way, explaining things as we go, but you will learn by doing. Report post. We will need access to the ClientContext instance, so we should extend ClientAccessor.