The Ultimate Guide to Ring Resizing

Allow these repairs to air cool, even if you think the heat has not reached the stone. Book Review — Designing Jewelry.

When and How to Make a Ring Smaller Without Resizing Robertson Jewelers

Selling your jewelry? Regardless of the design, making a ring larger will always cost more. Also, wider bands will need to be a little larger in size than narrow ones because the wide bands trap skin beneath them. The motto is to get in and out as quickly as possible.

You may also read. How to Fix a Broken Ring Band. Cut the ring along the mark with wire cutters. The risk is multiple: The assembled unit is shown in Method 2. Flag as If the ring has been soldered properly, there should be no depression in the surface, which should be flat and polished.

If the outer surface of the ring is faceted, chased or engraved, protect it by putting a copper band around the ring to absorb the stress at the point of contact figure A few useful ideas on how an inserted piece can be bound in place for soldering are summarized in picture.

Gold and platinum rings may be the go-to choices for fine jewelry, but sterling silver rings can be just as beautiful and last for many years.

One device uses an attachment for a rolling mill to redistribute the metal in such a way that the ring is made larger. Like its corresponding partner, stretching, this is fast, efficient and the least intrusive process. After soldering the excess is filed away to blend the pieces together. This method is a little more complicated for the jeweler than sizing beads, but still an affordable choice.

Visit the Orchid Community today! Other methods such as stretching, carving out, or adding additional material can be employed, but their effectiveness has limits. Image source: There is an additional challenge for people with slim, bony fingers. No matter how sophisticated the tool, any stretching will stress the metal and there is always a risk of the ring snapping.

Tungsten Carbide Titanium Stainless Steel Traditional metals like platinum, gold and sterling silver can typically be made larger or smaller by one or two sizes. Maybe you're just really sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Stackable Rings All Jewelry Education.

The device has a number of dies of different shaped grooves that mimic the cross section of the ring shank. Many complications may arise during these procedures. Learn more A lazy jeweler might do a rush job by adding beads to the inside shank in order to make the ring sit tighter on your finger.