Modern and Contemporary Dance Classes for Children and Adults

Students will research individualized projects in an area of interest.

Urbanity Dance

If you ever feel stuck choosing music, or you are working with a composer creating an original score, try choreographing without music at first. Subscribe to our newsletter For all the latest news and updates. What makes a good modern dance? Through one-on-one work with certified teachers and trainees, students will learn to change habitual patterns of coordination. Write your question here: Copeland and Cohen, Ed.

Practical experience in all aspects of the production of dance concerts mounted in the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts and within the Department of Dance.

Rhee Gold's Dance Life

The course will have lecture, viewing, discussion and experiential studio participation components. You can pay it forward No graduate credit. Students will produce works in specific contexts outside the standard theatre setting.

Major standing in Dance and consent of instructor. Choose to create a piece outside of the theater, or in a nontraditional space.

Or, begin working with several movement phrases and just see where it takes you. Any ideas for a beginner? We are celebrating her sweet 15 and we need help figuring out a nice waltz to include her in it Thanks Georgia: Zoe Anderson. Modern technique for advanced graduate students. University Home E-mail Maps. Designed for Lyric Theatre Students, this course will introduce a broad variety of movement techniques used in the collaborative singing-acting industry.

A course examining current field practices and trends including curatorial practices, and interdisciplinary practices. Three leading British companies have expressed concern over the standards of training in UK contemporary dance schools. Topics reflect specializations of faculty, such as Capoiera, African dance, Balinese dance, and Chinese forms.

Music ideas?

May be repeated to a maximum of 9 hours. Junior standing in Dance and consent of instructor.