How Do You Cut False Eyelashes?

Apply mascara to your eyelashes. This will help the fake lashes look more natural when you apply them. The results are amazing just look at any Kardashian , but successfully sticking them on takes plenty of practice.

Did you try these steps? This helps your false eyelashes look more natural by giving the illusion of thick, full roots. This is the final step to make sure your eyelashes are blended together.

12 Best False (Fake) Eyelashes Worn By Many Famous Celebs!

Using your fingers, gently pinch the band, pushing it right to the skin of your eyelid. On the second day I figured out that tweezers help a little for applying the lashes, but not much.

Once the middle is secure, begin to adjust the rest of the falsies strip with your tweezers until the entire false lash is aligned with your natural lash. It worked fairly well until I did a bad job with the last piece near the middle of my eye; that one went on all wonky and looked noticeably different from the others.

The finished lash strip should be the same length as your natural lashes. Perhaps it was ambitious of me to do my first attempt before a date.

I Used to Be Afraid of False Eyelashes, But Following These Steps Made Me a Pro - Verily

I mostly used these lashes that are super cheap on eBay , although I'll also talk about the e. Finding your perfect fit, no matter the felony, is important.

Footer See More on Instagram! Tell us more about it? Purchase a natural-looking pair of false eyelashes. With a few application tips and tricks, you can convince everyone that you grew your full, voluminous lashes yourself! After you place the glue on the fake lash line, Burton says to wait about 10 seconds and the glue should be tacky. Once I tried to re-glue the inner corner with a toothpick saturated in the latex glue that accompanies the lashes.

These lashes are amazing.

How to Trim the Length of False Lashes

If you do want a more bold false lash look, opt for the lashes that are longer but still have variation in terms of the shorter and longer lengths of the hairs along the lash. Follow these steps for flawless false lashes, even if you're a total newbie. Press and hold your natural and false eyelashes together. If all the lashes are cut to the same size, they look unnatural. Apply lash glue to your fake eyelashes. This step helps the last to settle into your natural lash line and blend along with the lashes.

Awesome picture! Typically, eye makeup is applied after the false lashes are in place so shadow, liner and mascara are not smudged. Imagine how difficult it will be to apply liner once you have glue and falsies to work around.

But don't be discouraged. In the pictures above, I stopped with two.

How to size your false lashes

The longest lashes should be at the outside corners of the eyes. They are gigantic and awkward and unmistakably fake every time.

Not on your life, pal. This is actually really important in getting your falsies on.