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Retrieved from " https: Filming began on 13 March and ended on 12 July The Dawsons' holiday starts with a bang when Eddie has an accident and Sheron's fashion taste is put into question. Tiger and Joey are up for a free trip too, but end up getting roped in as the entertainment. The Garveys' holiday starts to go wrong at Alicante Airport when a supposed bag of Madge's tanning pills gets mistaken for drugs - and Mick gets the blame.

One-episode return of Sheila Reid as Madge Harvey. That morning, Janice goes to a local bar for a drink with Madge, and finds out the owner, Jack, has a crush on her. With Eddie and Loretta awaiting their grandson's arrival, Sheron and Billy learn the terrifying truth when Rob and Cyd finally check in to the Solana.

Help us improve our site. Plus another comic duo, Hale and Pace will star as undercover detectives investigating Lesley as well as actors Claire Sweeney as Maxine a snooty holiday rep and Nigel Havers returning as conman dentist Stanley. Retrieved 2 October Thinking that Troy has broken up with him, Gavin agrees to go on a date with young Spanish waiter Emilio.

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But of course the man who created those unforgettable League of Gentlemen weirdos and others in Psychoville and Whitechapel is an extremely amiable man. All main cast members from series 8 returned, except from Jessica Ellerby. At the new Solana salon, Kenneth hires an assistant - but her minimal knowledge of hairdressing and English leads to an unfortunate accident with her first client.

Guest Starring Nigel Havers. Guest starring Denise Black and Paul Chan. Hidden categories: Know someone who would love to read this article? They mistake Madge for a swinger, and things get out of hand. Having already acquired a decent fan base, producer Geoffrey Perkins insists: Monty is worried about Sammy, but how can he lose 'the fear', and how can he get Joyce to keep him employed? Pinterest RSS Twitter.

Meanwhile, the Dyke family arrive at the Solana to start their holiday but are shocked to find out the 4-star hotel isn't what they expected. So there's definitely potential! Benidorm is one of the funniest sitcoms of its time. Both past and present cast members talked about their roles on the show, alongside show bloopers and exclusive behind the scenes footage of the 10th series being filmed. Joyce Temple-Savage Sherrie Hewson , the new manager of the hotel, secretly watches everything that is going on, as she is determined she can earn the Solana a 4-star rating.

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Wed Mar 21 Back at the Solana, the bar staff are refusing to serve Pauline alcoholic drinks, and it is the conclusion of Liam's quest to woo Natalie. The Solana has no qualified first aiders, but the first aid instructor cancels, so it is left to Mateo to run the course. Stockport Stockport councillors pass budget at second time of trying following stalemate at chaotic meeting last week.