Annual Report 2013 (low resolution)

Measurement of phonon soft modes using the PUMA multi-analyzer system.

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In the past, the effectivity of these procedures could be assessed only by analysing the Cl content of the leaching solutions, or by destroying the artefacts for Cl analysis. It is embedded in a network of partners consisting of several university groups as well as institutes from the Max Planck Society to provide a user service for scientists from Germany and abroad. Left The polarization performance of the three-cavity polarizer with V-shaped super-mirrors as a function of wavelength.

The MLZ, as an important element of the European scientific infrastructure, is heavily involved in international collaboration, with a special focus on Europe. CDBS enables element specific defect studies in the near surface region and in the bulk of the specimen up to a few micrometer according to a positron energy of up to 30 keV. Schematic depiction of the merging of two Skyrmion lines.

Scientific Highlights Figure 2: Steiner et al. Moreover, Au is often used as metallic leads for spin-valve structures. Subsequently, an irreversible transformation to an unidentified compound is related to significant capacity loss.

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The Scientific Computing group supports by developing and maintaining data analysis software. Wen1,2,3, S. On this basis, several instrumental options can be realized. We perform a combined neutron scattering and molecular dynamics simulation study which is motivated by the fact that both methods give direct access to the intermediate scattering function in the time-domain and the comparison of the results is more direct than with time-of-flight methods, for example.

Satisfactory refinement was obtained without introducing any magnetic contribution.

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It increases the charge carrier density within the semiconductor and makes it possible to produce Si exhibiting a predefined target resistivity matched by the irradiation time. In order to prepare for the transmission of neutrons to the new Neutron Guide Hall East, the shutter of SR5 has to be replaced.

Matter 10, The first services were reconfigured to make use of the new authentication mechanism that is provided alongside all previous available mechanisms. Mugemana1, A.

The results from a combination of simulations and neutron spin echo The comparison of NSE with MD data is direct, as both techniques give access to Sinc Q, t in the time-domain.

The specific heat measured down to 60 mK reveals a long-range magnetic phase transition at 1.

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Marry1,2, E. De Souza5, C. Synthesis and crystal structure.