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Amazing, Beautiful and supportive more This is done by a few of my lecturers which all make up their own styles..

What's it like to live in Exeter? INTO

University of Exeter reviews. Very wide range of sporting and social clubs available, many of the sporting clubs compete to a high standard.

The town, while reasonably nice to look at, is immeasuarbly dull. Your question has been received. I have made amazing friends, am surrounded by people whenever I need a chat, and enjoy by FAR the most active social life of any hall on campus. I feel very unwelcome as a white male. By member On 25th July During my first year I stayed in Lopes Hall.

Managed to live pretty close to campus - both 2nd and 3rd in mount pleasant area. Ransom Pickard isnt as lucky in its looks but the atmosphere is often better.

Living in Exeter

Mardon Hall. Food started off alright but started to deteriate towards the end of the academic year and we started to find that our lives especially ay weekends revolved around food, but on the upside we had a good hall spirit we had formals which involved formal dinners where we all had to dress up and we also had 2 balls and various social events. By member On 24th September Add Events. By member On 9th January The most friendly relaxed university, excellent social life and it's in a beautiful part of the country.

The city is small b and the night life isn't so good but it does mean that when you're out everyone is there, like one big family. I've had no problems so far, and when you do there's a great support network lined up to help. Join a couple of societies, and you'll learn those valuable life skills. Well, if you can stand it you'll have BSc computer science on your CV.

The actual amounts you spend may vary but this is a useful guide. By member On 7th September Exeter is a wonderful place to live and the university is great for careers. DLHE Survey Great staff and people, and also easy to have a great social life in addition to focusing on the academics more The most friendly relaxed university, excellent social life and it's in a beautiful part of the country more Good shopping centre.

Such an amazing university, so many opportunities accessible to everyone.

University of Exeter reviews

Pretty spectacular university in my opinion more Such a great vibe and atmosphere on campus! But the halls at our university vary immensly and the condition within them also varies and sometimes the value which has increased this year is not worth the price.

The university has done little to address this problem and make itself more inclusive. It's fantastic, the size is most definatly an advantage, Exeter has real community spirit. Oxford University.