From the Lou to the Capital; Former Hornet Basketball Player Makes it Big

I said, "Yeah. Crazy, right.

10 Questions to ask yourself if Basketball is the right sport for you

He said, I held Chamberlain to 53 and Krzyzewski remembers everything. Well, you weren't involved a little bit. Maybe around the time I was doing "Crazy Love" or finishing it. What's wrong with you?

8 Ways to Become a Better Basketball Player STACK

I mean, like, you know, the innocence of the game, the game as a form of migration to this country and across this country and then scandal. But you know, that's, in a way, it's part of the film. Don't worry about your reputation. I went down to Naples, Florida, to his home.

Am I happy with playing the game? It's really about the outsider, the person and the institutions that are excluded, and so both John Thompson and Russell said, well, OK.

Basketball: A Love Story Q&A with Jackie MacMullan and Dan Klores

You have to sustain a level of energy in order to keep up in the game and you cannot get weak because you might get left behind. If you think you can have the stroke in shooting the ball to the basket, then the sport might be right for you. And it's on every level in basketball now. Ten hours.

If not, discuss it with your coach. The first time I remember even playing, I was younger, like 7 or 8 years old, and I went down to the schoolyard with my friend. No matter what other sports we play, basketball became the pecking order, you know, in your friendships, how good you were. And I asked him, and he was very thoughtful about it and said in he was going to get fired by the Lakers if he didn't win because he lost in '83, and he lost in ' So I was wondering, because the interview with Russell was fantastic.

Skip to navigation. So that's years ago, all of a sudden, it hit me: He put his hand over my shoulder. You can succeed in shooting the ball, defending your man or rebounding the ball.

When you compete in your daily drills, make sure that you perform them at game speed.