Taming Pet Mice

Although it is common practice to feed premixed diets designed for other rodents, for the longevity and health of the animal it is best to feed mouse-targeted diets. If your mouse does nip you, don't shake your hand to get it off, or get angry, as this will just make matters worse. Mice need company of their own kind Do not try to mix mice with rats or other rodents It is best to keep pairs or groups of females as males can be aggressive towards each other It is important not to mix sexes.

So my advice is to stay the hell away from them and call an exterminator of they are in your home or maybe get a cat. Call some nearby vets to be prepared. The feces of a healthy mouse consist of a relatively innocuous solid pellet a few millimeters long. Chinchilla Care Guide.

Caring for your mouse

Feeling nervous is perfectly OK. September A mouse set loose for exercise should be carefully observed, as they tend to scurry into a hiding spot and can be difficult to retrieve.

Mice, especially males who are wild and territorial, [16] have a greater likelihood of biting unfamiliar people. Tips Never pick up a mouse by its tail; it could startle or hurt it. Boston Directions Emergency: Fancy mice are relatively small, inexpensive, never need bathing, and can learn to enjoy regular handling.

Two males will mean more competition and potentially fighting. Scoop out the dried coconut and you have a coconut house! Almost all mice like exercise wheels.

Fancy mouse

The females like the companionship of their own kind, as well as their human keeper. How likely is a baby wild house mouse to be diseased? Do not try to raise wild mice. Use your other hand for extra security and support. Care must be taken as mice have poor eyesight and may try to lean too far over an edge and fall.

Caring for your pet mouse Blue Cross

The stress of chasing, catching, and returning them to their cage may scare them and make them fear their owners. Be careful when buying pets online or through social media. Retrieved May 20, Put a treat in the palm of your hand and gently lower your hand into the cage. Rat and mice blocks provide all the nutrition your mouse needs in each bite.

Here a few tips to remember:. Answered Jan 6, My advice is to just leave them be. Those rodents we typically think of as pets are rats, mice, rabbits, and guinea pigs.