According to the Kansas City list, December has a few choices turquoise, blue zircon, tanzanite; lapis lazuli prior , but we'll start with turquoise. User Info: Boards Ni no Kuni: Like the other characters, Swaine is a ranged fighter.

Another safe, pure chocolate bet.

Or something. Mid-game spoilers.

Keep me logged in on this device. Or, in my broke college student days, when the calendar flipped to November and all of the Halloween candy went on massive discount.

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That's what happens when you grind too much, probably on Tokotokos. You also get a giant badass bird after the first dungeon, but he's strictly NPC. Each helm, armor, or weapon has its own unique style. My participation in fandom is minimal and subdued, shall we say.

Wednesday, October 22, What I Played: Leanaunfurled Leanaunfurled 6 years ago 3 Some people are jerks with no regard of spoiling people, sorry to say. Wednesday, October 15, What I Read: Welcome to Cancerland: Thinking of finishing this game.

Add it to your bowl of spinach and tomato. However, the game was designed to be co-op, so I can see why the developers wouldn't want to sink a lot of time into complex AI. Subscribe to: Unfortunately I don't have a picture of that costume!

Posted by Katherine Koba at 5: I did. That guy was the last person anyone would've expected to join, and yet he did. I mean yeah there are some sidequests and things, but that's not enough. In his dying moment, the Emperor revealed that he knows that Swaine is the future Prince Gascon, and reminded that he cared for him, leaving Swaine to despair over his body.

Posted by Katherine Koba at 2: Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Dying also seemed to trigger some weird buggy issues, as did trying to drop into a game with a higher-level character.

Swaine has a pistol that he can use to fight his enemies using Trickshots. You can go back and replay previous missions though you won't be able to fight the unique monsters, minibosses, or bosses or, if you want to grind or just see how much ass you can kick, you can choose one of two bonus "survival" levels: Black and Blue Pi Wrap Bracelet.

This may be another explanation as to why he is referred to as a prince rather than an emperor.

Don't have an account? I made it safely through Moria and past the Balrog to get to Lothlorien! Dice the tomatoes. So really, being heartbroken has nothing to do with anything.