HiFiMAN HE-5LE Planar Magnetic Headphones (Playback 33)

One small problem I noted, however, is that the earcups tend to ride quite low relative to the top of the headband.

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Noise Cancelling Vocalism Principle: The 5LE do best in balanced output with a power amp. And I used an Apple To my ears, the bass is a bit weak and loose. Ditto balanced drive without rewiring, i. This is no easy trick, since they aren't the lightest headphone ever made - but they have very comfortable earpads, and a good overall ergonomic design.

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It should also be noted that the HE-5LE are very, very comfortable. I recommend them highly. Latest trackbacks. I keep switching back and forth and haven't decided on my favorite configuration yet. I do not consider myself an accomplished or experienced audiophile, so I will avoid getting too deep into terminology or discussions that I feel I have no place in.

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