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Stimmt so. In the English sentences which we have considered above. Anna and Margarete reply with adjectives without endings. Bon appetit!

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In the first sentence. Wie geht es dir? This is in part because German dogs have traditionally been well-behaved. We might translate it by "What can I get you?

When you explain that you come from any of these countries, you also have to include the definite article with the preposition - but this article changes from "die" to "der". Even if they see each other every day at work they will usually shake hands. It is quite possible for two neighbours to live next door to each other for decades and still call each other "Herr X" or "Frau Y" and refer to each other using "Sie"!

In this conversation we find Herr McNaught asking a female passer-by eine Passantin where the nearest telephone box and the nearest chemist's are. They naturally use the informal "du" to address each other. Unlike English, German has no separate form to indicate continuing action. Germany -- Biography. The majority of them add "-en": In German. And it is "einen Nachtisch"..

Euro coins can of course be used anywhere in the euro area. Although it is a regular verb.

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Among the major ranges of the midGerman highlands are the Teutoburger Wald. Thus many German employees could choose whether they wished to be paid in euros or marks. The FRG embedded itself in key Western economic and security organizations. Nettelbeck, Joachim Christian, How old are you?