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You earn this self-help financial aid, so you don't have to repay it. Federal funding is made to participating institutions based on requests made by the institutions. What types of work-study jobs are available? All rights reserved.

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Look Book. The Federal Work Study Program provides funding for part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses.

You owe the university money and billing and payment puts a financial hold on your record. The "sample list" hides information needed to apply to the job. Federal Work-Study. My financial aid is listed as "Conditional.

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There are many different types of jobs that qualify for the program. You will be notified via email of each step completed during the verification process.

There is no option to convert summer loans to work-study. Locate or develop a work-study position: Suite F, Euclid Avenue Danielle: If problems arise, your supervisor will discuss them with you. An award does not guarantee the student a job.

A few years ago a student who worked 15 hours per week each semester, was involved in extracurricular activities, and had a great GPA, told us her secret: State work-study earnings may affect the level of Title IV benefits that you receive. From here you can submit a conversion request by selecting the appropriate convert link next to your award s and following the instructions displayed.

Whenever you begin, speed is crucial in the job hunt. A student who accepts a work-study award will need to contact the Career Action Center to find a list of departments which are hiring work-study students. We can help you on your journey. Update Privacy Settings. The Berkeley Financial Aid and Scholarships Office has been a trusted advisor to thousands of students and parents pursuing the dream of a Berkeley education.

Who is eligible for work-study jobs? How much does a work-study job pay? The Federal Work-Study program , originally called the College Work-Study Program, [1] is a federally -funded program in the United States that assists students with the costs of post-secondary education. Otherwise, contact the payroll representative where you are employed. Since, work-study awards don't go directly into your UCSD student account, you pay your fees, books, rent, transportation, and other expenses with checks you write.

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Have a professional appearance. Skip to main content. One of the reasons is these institutions do not have sufficient funds for qualified students. To determine if you have been awarded work-study, log into your Bobcat Web Account to view your awards.