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Now listen, all of you, for all we know that's a brand-new life form over there and if it's come inside to discover us, then what's it found? You may be looking for Pi, one of the Crimson Hand members. I can't help it. We've got torches.

Prepare for boarding. Actually, I'm the first person to research this. When did she? All of you, as far as you can.

Driver Joe at the wheel.

Can you move, Sky? No, don't just stand there telling us the rules! Shamble bobble, dibble dooble.

Doctor Who s04e10 Episode Script

She can copy anything. It's not my fault. What do you amount to? That's not her, is it. The Midnight sky. Just tell me what the hell it is. Why won't she turn around? Happens all the time.

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Or are you better than that? We're just experiencing a short delay. Travelling on my own. Mobile link for 3D vidgames, complimentary earplugs, complimentary slippers, complimentary juice pack and complimentary peanuts.

Should I save the juice pack or have it now? It's not my fault. Prepare for boarding.

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Don't just talk about it, just. God, make him stop. Four hours. What's going on? Oh dear