Import used cars directly from Japan

Using the grit sand paper, drench the headlight lens with water and wet the sand paper.

How to Clean Headlights - Car Headlights Care

Search for: BrittneyH20 4 months ago. All too often this can be the headlights. It works great! He owns a car repair shop at downtown Osaka, and he put all that experience to good use in his sharing posts.

What Causes Headlights To Turn Yellow And Foggy

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USA EN. Washos does not recommend a specific brand since our technicians do it themselves. This is just common sense. Import used cars directly from Japan. Why you should restore your headlights II. So, try and hose off as much mud as you can and then light sponge them down going in one direction only.

JohnF bedL Answer 11 months ago. Remember the day when you bought your car, everything was squeaky clean. In particular, it is a tempered, Polycarbonate plastic. Shipping Schedule. Yes No.

Restoring Plastic Headlight Lenses – The Ultimate Guide to Detailing

The hazing is typically caused by UV exposure. It is critical therefore that they work as effectively as possible at all time. This is the UV protectant and it takes about five minutes to dry. Get Directions. A bucket of soapy water works best.

How to Make Foggy Headlights Clear Again

Is this vehicle equipped with TPMS? Heat can be your car's worst enemy, so make sure your ride is ready for the road, no matter what the summer brings.

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Just used some cheap Wilkinsons toothpaste my other half bought which was disgusting, worked a treat on the hazy headlights of a car I'm going to sell, fantastic results and saved a mint not buying a special kit and I've nearly got rid of the vile toothpaste, double whammy!!