Air dryer During a time span of 4 minutes collect as much water as possible from the air in the room. Frustrating golf ball It often happens that a golf ball escapes from the hole an instant after it has been putted into it.

What information about the object can be deduced from the crater? Observe and explain the behaviour of these coupled oscillators. The edge of the cube is much smaller than the diameter of the tree trunk from which it was cut out. Investigate the motion of the flame. The third disc: Grand Unification According to modern views Grand Unification is possible at energy of about 10 24 eV.

Give the theoretical explanation of the dependence obtained. Investigate the propagation of a deflection along such a chain. Measure the highest voltage it can produce. Is this black currant? Swing A special swing trapeze is used to train air and space pilots. At some distance from the center the thickness of the layer increases dramatically. The other end hangs down outside without contact with the outer wall of the vessel.

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Calculate the theoretical ratio of horizontal and vertical dimensions of the Sun disk that is touching the horizon. Superball A highly elastic ball a superball falls on a horizontal surface from a small height 5 cm or less and recoils several times. Investigate this effect for various materials. Explain your findings. Use a flame to generate sound from the tube. We are using cookies on this website. Fuse A thin brass wire can be used as a fuse. Drop A drop of salted water drying on a smooth surface creates a system of rings.

Determine how the distance travelled by the car depends on relevant parameters and maximize the efficiency of the car. Jet-spread A water jet falling onto a horizontal plane spreads out radially. This clot can be approximated by a sphere.

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Zuppa Toscana - Tuscan Soup: Recipes from Italy's Tuscany central region!

Dominoes Dominoes are placed vertically at a small distance from each other in a long row on a table surface. Explain the observed phenomena. Measure the half-life of the material you have collected. Often, one-string kites move an a stable track, which looks like a number 8. Maximize the output mechanical power of the system.

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Invent yourself and solve a problem on the given theme. A capacitor is used to energize the solenoid coil. There is no wind. Investigate its nature. The hoop can jump high in the air. Investigate oscillations of the magnet.