As NPs push for expanded practice rights, physicians push back

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As NPs push for expanded practice rights, physicians push back - The DO

Deal with it, we have less training, thats ok, we can still provide a valuable service to our patients without a status title. Utilize these providers as a resource, not as an enemy; demanding respect will never result in personal reward.

In medicine we look at treating diseases, in nursing we treat how the patient responds to the treatment. It would be interesting to know how you refer to them — as patients or as clients. After dangling and swinging the baby over the end of the shack, he dropped her - fortunate the baby was caught by police.

I claim the objective is entirely to replace all primary care physicians with the cheaper alternative- the DNP-easy to grow them, easy to seed them, and now the cheap aspect can be a huge selling point to insurance companies and government.

I wonder if NPs get complete autonomy, would they be able to supervise PAs,,,would they want to? Here we go again — PhD, RN writes: Jesus was known for his works and dealings.

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To attack the man, not the arguments made by the man. You will be secure in what you do! One final point: The separation of PAs and NPs is simple, its a desire to expand and have independence in their practice rights. The nurse practitioner prescribed Motrin for his pain symptoms, apparently not recognizing subtle life threatening signs. Thus, in a very real manner, the Nursing profession is attempting to mislead and deceive the public by their actions.

I know many MDs who still consider DOs second rate doctors. Medical education in the US is a but ridiculous.

And finally, just as I have no right to represent as a academician to students at a college or university since I am a clinician , you have no right to represent yourself as physician which is the implication when you address yourself as doctor in a clinical environment. Yes, mistakes are made. Your ego and lack of civility aside, I am as much a Clinical Doctor as any PhD prepared psychologist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, dentist, optometrist, or chiropractor.

They have the scope of practice defined by State law-usually the same as any other NP. I am a triathlete and in a short time when I become 93 I hope that nurse practioners use better scientific reasoning than age discrimination to make discisions about health care.

Other aspects: At a certain point, patients will be happy to get to talk to anyone! It is physicians with their heads in the sand that are also part of the problem.

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He is in touch with staff daily if he is not in the office. At the end of his life in Athens, Socrates was attended by his followers and friends in an Athenian jail.

I think you are afraid that since NP can do your job and do it just as well, then you will have to go to specialty school and you might not make the cut. While I am also skeptical of the production of this clinical Doctorate, I do believe that there is a real need for Physician Extender programs to have more Doctoral trained professors.

It is simple really to explain the difference. Thank god for the Judge in Iowa who saw right through the baloney and prevented injury to Iowa patients and citizens.