So the problems seems to come up with a specific user. Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe.

Any unecessary abbreviations in file names can be removed during parsing ; by adding them to the list below so that they will be removed during the parsing process.

Ampache Demo including admin area on Softaculous. But myself would personally recommend Subsonic subsonic. If none of the listed tags are found then ; ampache will randomly use whatever was found. The error is ocuring at: Then onVfsAsyncFileGetContentsCb would check the flag to make sure the library was in a good state before passing control the real callback.

Streaming mp3s on the iPhone proved to not be a simple task, and in investigating the competition I found that this AudioStreamer class was used in the iAmpache client by investigating the error messages , and that it was used in all of the SubSonic clients the Ampache competition.

I planned to remove it once Audacioius provides one. Related Via Web-Player, it only plays songs when I am logged in with an admin account.

Back to forum. With normal accounts, I click on "play" and nothing happens. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Because of this I consider this an A Project. But your suggestion made me think about something else: This comment has been minimized.

Development [interclubbrescia.com]

For this project I went above and beyond in the Now Playing View controller. Greetings David. Being based on KAA KDrive acceleration architecture it's designed to be an alternative to the currently used XAA XFree86 acceleration architecture with better acceleration of XRender which is used by composite managers for desktop eyecandy effects. If the user swipes the album art up, the song information will be covered and a progress bar will be revealed showing the current position in the song and the time elapsed.

Now it seems better. Log out of your Ampache instance, and then log back in.

IAmp-mobile by bahamas10

It features multi-language support. I have used this app, but found it lacking in certain areas. Get involved and take control. You should distribute only your plugin, though, not a full fork of audacious-plugins though you are welcome to copy the build system, if that's useful to you. Ampache iPhone Client Music streamer for the iPhone, by Dave Eddy All code written by me for this project is released under the BSD license in hopes that somebody will pick up this project, be able to benefit from it, and make this app something good!

To be honest, I didn't even know that it is possible to install PPAs which are designed for Ubuntu, aren't they?

Copy link Quote reply. Maintenance of a large music catalog. For example, a valid server would look like http: It looks like a solid start. Make sure the Ampache Service is enabled. Also, in the now playing view controller, I watch for touch events from the user.