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This is another common dirty Spanish word used in Mexico. And yes, this is as offensive as it gets. Bicho lit.: The etymology of the word itself immediately confirms its genuinely Peninsular Spanish origins and preponderance, as opposed to other profanities perhaps more linked to Latin America: In the Spanish region of La Mancha is very common the formation of neologisms, to refer with humoristic sense to a certain way of being some people, by the union of two terms, usually a verb and a noun.

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Key West, Florida also has a famous hotel named La Concha. The most common way to refer to a pimp is Spanish is by using the term chulo as a noun. However, it has a whole range of other meanings when used in other parts of South America. In Argentina, the term "Vamos Carajo" was used in Quilmes advertising in advance of the FIFA World Cup [23] as a statement or cheer that an Argentine supporter would use to urge their team to victory.

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50 Amazing Spanish Curse Words That Will Make You Want To Learn The Language ASAP

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Sissy, pussy, gay — the more offensive version of Marica massively offensive slur for the gay community. Contact Us Follow Us. French lessons New York. In Mexico, the word is not used in a potentially ambiguous situation; instead, one may use the inoffensive blanquillos literally: In Mexico it is also a derogatory name for someone who is stingy: University of Arizona Press.

19 Hilariously Dirty Spanish Words You Don’t Wanna Say by Accident

Used mostly in Spain. It is also used generally to describe anything that is vexing or unpleasant, such as tiempo de mierda "shitty weather" or auto de mierda "piece-of-shit car".

Culear means to have sexual intercourse—the same as fuck in its literal meaning— but does not imply anal sex. Ay caray could be translated "Dang it" or "Darn it! Its usage was so common among Spaniards and Spanish-Filipino mestizos living in the Philippines that konyo became a Tagalog word for upper-class people.

This verb form is also used in Chile. Aug 2, In the rest of Latin America and Spain however, the word is only used with its literal meaning.

It is also an inoffensive word for penis that many children use in Spain. In Puerto Rico pinche simply refers to a hairpin, while pincho has the same meaning in Dominican Spanish.

Fucking asshole!