Ethnic Names for Grandmothers in Other Countries

“Busia” or “babcia” – ongoing controversy

Mine was my Bubbee. Grandfather paternal: Receive posts in your email for FREE. Jan 31, Two Polish soups hat will help you cure hangover! My granddaughter started calling me MeMa and I had never heard the term before.

I am soon to be 40 most people around me seem to think something funky,upbeat or Fresh would be appropriate.. French Canadian: Many of these names appear in several variations and spellings. List 5 Facts About the Transcontinental Railroad.

Learn Polish Names and Nicknames for "Grandmother"

List Baseball Stars of the 19th Century. They were probably chosen by them as Gaffer was a real jokester — both were very well traveled but the family has mostly English roots.

He never knew his grandfathers. I have always thought that Grannies need to choose a name for themselves that better reflects their own image. Both have several variant spellings. Living abroad Magazine Internships. Songs by Language. I call my frisian grandparents Oatie and Opa it was easier than Oaheit and my other pair was Beppe and Pake. My parents are from Pakistan and I call my maternal grandmother Nanni and my maternal grandfather Nana.

Dictionary Conjugation Phrases Games More by bab. I am of Scottish and Jewish descent. Please try again. I came across your site because I am about to become a grandmother and am having a hard time finding a name. The new generation of grandmas, who are stylish in the way they live and dress. Anecdotal response from my husband and father, both born outside of Krakow: She tells me in all her years she has never heard this word at all.

I went on line to look up the correct spelling for what we always called them and was surprised to see nothing similar.

"babcia" in English

They may not say your name right anyways in the begining, so you can stick with the baby name or pick the name they will feel cofortable calling you as an older child. Well, each one of them. Delph, could you specify your source? That is all I have found. For exampl I like Vanaema but memme was always hard fro my kids to pronounce.

And those very much depend on local dialects.