How to Turn Off InDesign’s Most Annoying Features

InDesign How To: Paragraph-level overrides are indicated with a bar on the left of each line, and character-level overrides are indicated with typical highlighted text, both in the same light blue color. Follow Us! The default is When Selected, which simply means that the field is shaded when it is selected or you place the insertion point within the field.

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How to Highlight in Indesign It Still Works

How to remove all highlighted color I have a PDF doent with highlighted text that was created using the highlighter tool sort of fluorescent yellow color marker.

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Why Is My Text Highlighted on InDesign?

Many thanks. Or you can just choose a workspace that doesn't have the items highlighted.

Word displays the Options dialog box. When a text form field is clicked in by the user, the field is highlighted in blue.

Click the Word button round button on top left Click the Word Options button Under Show document content, in the Field shading list, do one of the following: In fact, developers have made use of it by creating scripts like one of my favorites: Ross Tester February 12, at Sign up using Facebook.

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Why Is My Text Highlighted on InDesign?

Beginning in Here's the rest of that article: Varelse How to remove highlighted yellow colorfrom PDF text made with highlighter tool? For Word Remember Me? I think of it as the Bagel of Sanity. Elizabeth Mott has been a writer since Select menu: Kim December 13, at 3: The check means the attribute will be turned on.