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As long as a child or teen can handle and care for contacts appropriately and a doctor prescribes the lenses, they can be worn safely. If you have a prescription for glasses and would like to try contacts, visit your eye doctor for a new exam and contact lens fitting. It is not a good idea to swim with contact lenses in, as you should keep your contacts out of contact with water as much as possible. You can find this information on boxes of contacts that you have at home or on a paper prescription provided by your optometrist.

Never swap lenses with anyone; sharing contact lenses can cause infections and other serious eye problems. If you are considering ordering contact lenses online, pay particular attention to the shipping charges and volume discounts.

This reshaping is temporary, and can be adjusted for prescription changes.

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With the hand that's holding the lens, pull down on your lower lid with your middle finger. Dailies Aquacomfort Plus 90 pack. Thank you, , for signing up. Softlens Daily Disposable 90 Pack. Top 5 questions about contact lenses 1.

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See our best sellers. For those who wish to wear lenses continuously or overnight. Presbyopic wearers will need the extra measurements of addition and dominant.

Toric contact lenses are more expensive than the soft contacts used to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness. However, depending on the cause, we may still be able to fit you in a suitable lens. Other Alcon websites: Rub the lens on the palm of your hand. These monthly lenses come in 6 different shades that are perfect for making an impact. Before the exam Generally, a visit to the eye doctor includes an eye exam, a fitting, and a prescription.

The first glass and plastic lenses were invented by William Feinbloom in Your optometrist will be able to determine the type of lenses that would be most beneficial to you.

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Popular Contact Lenses. How often will you replace your contacts? Contact lenses allow you to enjoy the benefits of clear vision without having to wear prescription eyeglasses and can simplify vision correction. Some doctors will only prescribe private label lenses that are not available anywhere but from them.