Collect Herbert's tapes 0/4; Return to Herbert; Open chest Opening Herbert's chest counts towards the Pirate's Booty challenge. Borderlands 2 Missions.

Get it? IT ENTERS YOUR FACE! – Consumes 2 ammo per shot. making the Interfacer one of the highest damaging shotguns available in Borderlands 2.

On Day 19 of the Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt, the Madhous! and all other Bandit assault rifles The term "madhouse" is a euphemism for a psychiatric hospital.

i have tried to get to the badlands. i am a level 42 paladin i have tried swimming but no go there must be a fairly easy way?.

Badlands National Park (Lakota: Mak?osica) is an American national park located in southwestern South Dakota. The park protects , acres of sharply.

I've been driving around in The Dust for an hour I'm only level 25 and haven't beat the story yet. Do I have to progress through the story to get.

Oct 15, NEWARK -- Before she was Halsey, the Grammy-nominated alt-pop "Every fiber and fabric of my being was born here here there were people I loved and lost, and a lot of her oldest track "Is There Somewhere," she hopped down into the crowd and #hopelessfountainkingdomtour #hfk #badlands #.

The Crystalisk can be killed by sheer damage to anywhere on its body but, it takes the most damage when attacks are directed to the crystals.

I miss Kieg pre SJW. He was so wrong he was perfect. i've heard about the " Raving Retribution" quotes that he used to yell out, before Gearbox.

The second Headhunter pack DLC for Borderlands 2, The Horrible Hunger of .. This is a reference to the final words of the Ninth Doctor: “Rose before I go.