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The greatest virtue of a quartz watch is its high level of time accuracy. Per page: Hot Network Questions. Low-effort memes and jokes are also not allowed in posts— those should be shared in comments.

This page was last edited on 7 January , at ISO standards by standard number. Evaluation of binary classifiers.

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Flarre View Profile View Posts. Accuracy of a quartz watch The greatest virtue of a quartz watch is its high level of time accuracy. Main article: You signed out in another tab or window. For you, from us. No hacks or glitch tutorials allowed. In the first, more common definition above, the two concepts are independent of each other, so a particular set of data can be said to be either accurate, or precise, or both, or neither.

What does the train accuracy mean?

What does 'accuracy' mean?

When the term is applied to sets of measurements of the same measure and, it involves a component of random error and a component of systematic error. False precision. The Study of Uncertainties in Physical Measurements. For achieving higher time accuracy, high precision quartz watches are being made by making the crystal oscillators of a higher frequency, introducing various temperature adjustment functions, or using automatic time adjustments through radio wave reception which contains official standard time information.

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Software is just trying to simulate real ballistics as best as it can. Cause thats what alot of people are going to do once they learn of the crafting system XD.

Hidden categories: You can have a weapon that loses damage over the entire lifetime of the bullet or a weapon that does full damage for 80 percent of its travel but does diminishing damage to targets within the last 20 percent of its range. The crystal oscillator is a tuning fork-type oscillator and is affected by temperature.

Example tables: A good player will be both accurate and precise by shooting the ball the same way each time and each time making it in the basket. In real life a sniper gun is more accurate than a AK47, but both are gonna have a harder time hitting a moving target.

When an instrument measures in "2"s any value between 7 and 9 is measured as "8". Why would a ship have say a certain accuracy vs corvettes and a certain accuracy vs frigates?

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What are the test samples? For example, if in lab you obtain a weight measurement of 3. So we should use mm.