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Broadhead, 3 PK. Lumenok, from the Burt Coyote Company, is the simplest lighted arrow nock on the market - Lumenok guarantee it!

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When batteries run out But I will not be attempting anymore nock removal. Repeat process to extinguish after each shot. I was really hoping that they would. Good or bad. Arden , Sep 26, I could not even think of turning them off with my fingers, even if I used a T-shirt for more grip.

It will automatically be activated upon release of the arrow when shot, allowing the archer to more easily follow the flight of his arrow. Hate to hear they did'nt work for you, I really like mine. When the contacts are connected via any conductor the Lumenok should light. Explained with purchase paperwork. Yep, FND said it perfectly! Who is online Users browsing this forum: You need to wiggle the plastic housing out of the back of the bolt to disengage the two contact tabs from the rear face of the carbon bolt shafting.

Broadheads and arrows are far too expensive to lose. Harrison, Michigan. Please specify colour Lumenok performance has been proven time and time again.

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After a brief stop with Firenoks, I settled on Noctkurnals later. If you wish to have them lose enough to use your fingers to turn off, expect things to go wrong. Plus since I plan to hunt with them, it makes sense to practice with what you hunt with. It doesn't matter when they are free or deeply discounted.

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Excalibur S5 String Suppressor. Firenocks turn off by dropping the arrow on the nock from 6" or so. If whatever style nock you use has any sort of wire that comletes the circuit you MUST be using quality carbon arrows!

We will not cover this cost. I tried that with lumenocks and i eventually found my arrow with the lumenock off!! Get yourself some Lumenoks today.

Nocturnals are the only one i have not had repreated failures from. Danny millers work well, And I sell ones to match the Lumenoks as well.